Nose Art: R.I.P. Squirrels & Turtles

During both World Wars, pilots used “nose art” to share their pride in their planes.  They would paint pictures of women, animals, faces, etc. on the nose of their planes.  Many also included flags of the enemy nations to show how many enemy planes the pilot had shot down.   After I managed to take out … Continue reading

Broken Legs Are Stupid

This has been a busy month for us. We’ve been winding down from a great school year and getting ready for a fun summer with the family.  Last Saturday we were having a family dinner at my parents’ place. Riding the ATV, eating BBQ, and playing in the woods. At the end of the night, … Continue reading

Try This Selfie #CancerFighterSelfie

Yesterday, I shared with you my feelings on the #nomakeupselfie. Lots of you agreed, some of you didn’t, and the best part was it started a conversation. After talking with one of my friends, we decided we need a hashtag to show amazing cancer fighters.  Let’s see if we can get this one trending. For … Continue reading

Slacktivism and #nomakeupselfie

This trend of #nomakeupselfie has been amazing for Cancer Research UK.  So far they’ve received £8 million, which will fund 10 new clinical studies. However, the posts I’ve seen in my own social media feeds aren’t exactly clear about how they donated to research or what a no make up selfie actually has to do with … Continue reading

Worrying About Cancer, One Day a Month

January 2014 was one year since my last chemo treatment. Technically, I am cancer free, but I still don’t feel completely free of the cancer and the lasting impacts on my body and mind. I visit a doctor every three months so they can check my blood and make sure there is no recurrence. Since … Continue reading

Nature Boys at The Property

The best thing about living back home in Georgia is the property. My parents have about 30 acres of land in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. We’ve been able to go up there to hike, drive the ATV around, and shoot our guns; it’s been so much fun.  I think they’re gonna enjoy … Continue reading

Daughters of the World

A couple of weeks ago, we had the privilege of hosting two girls in our home for a weekend.  You can read a little about that here. Two 9-year-old girls came into our home and our hearts.  One of them was from Nepal, the other from the Philippines.  It could not have been more fulfilling, more … Continue reading

We’re Having Two Girls…

…for the weekend and I need, NEED your help. There is a children’s choir, Children of the World, that will be visiting our church the weekend of December 15.  They asked for volunteers to host two or three of the children. That means they spend the weekend with the volunteer’s family.  Of course we said yes, … Continue reading

Just a Quick Update

**I’m back in school, working on my Master’s and substituting when I can. No more job search! ***The man is back in the US for good. The good ol’ Army decided it made a mistake sending us to Korea. The man is at a new duty station within driving distance to us. The kids are … Continue reading