Try This Selfie #CancerFighterSelfie

Yesterday, I shared with you my feelings on the #nomakeupselfie. Lots of you agreed, some of you didn’t, and the best part was it started a conversation. After talking with one of my friends, we decided we need a hashtag to show amazing cancer fighters.  Let’s see if we can get this one trending.

For all you Cancer Fighters, we want to see how beautiful and courageous you are. Share a selfie of you fighting cancer #CancerFighterSelfie 

This is during my first month of chemo:


My friend, Natalie, who blogs over at “Getting Cancer Off My Chest,” is currently battling a breast cancer recurrence. She wants people to be aware of metastatic breast cancer.  She shared a little about her journey:

I was diagnosed July 2012 with breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy, then had 20 weeks of chemotherapy, 33 weeks of radiation followed by 30 weeks of a cancer drug, Herceptin. During an end of treatment PET scan, it was discovered that my cancer spread to my bone. I just finished radiation to that bone area and have just started on another round of chemo and new targeted cancer drug Prejeta. I have done a lot of research and Metastatic Breast cancer is the least funded of the breast cancers. Hoping to help change that with our awareness campaign.

Standing with Natalie and hoping to see an increase in donations for research on metastatic breast cancer, I’d like to see some #CancerFighterSelfie from all you cancer fighters out there. Natalie’s request is that we donate to Metastatic Breast Cancer Network. All of the folks at MBCN are volunteers, so all donations go toward their mission:

  • increasing awareness of metastatic breast cancer,
  • educating patients to be their own best advocates
  • fighting for treatments to extend our lives.

For the first time this year they awarded a small grant to a metastatic researcher, Dr. Pat Steeg, who spoke at their Chicago conference on her work at the NCI studying drugs that would stop metastases.

Natalie shared these #CancerFighterSelfie pics with me.




Maybe you can show us what you’re doing to prevent cancer, what you’re eating to help your body stay strong, you getting a mammogram, you doing a self exam. #CancerFighterSelfie This is just our thought that awareness should include some sort of action to help beat cancer. Take care of yourself, friends, and share those #CancerFighterSelfies with us!


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