What Breast Cancer Taught Me

In case you didn’t notice, it’s October, the month of pink, breast cancer awareness month.  I’m pretty aware of this horrible disease and could go the rest of my life without any more awareness.  It’s something that changed my life completely and is still working through me.  It started with the physical part of me: … Continue reading

I’m Coming Back!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who speaks English as a second language? Even though you can talk to them, there is a lot of conversation missing and it is sometimes difficult to really get your point across, this is especially true when it comes to medical care.  Last week I went for … Continue reading

Cancer-Free in Korea!

Two weeks ago I saw my new oncologist here in Korea.  I see a Korean oncologist at Dankook University Hospital. It is about a 30 minute drive from our house.  I was a little nervous about seeing a Korean doctor.  What if they can’t understand me? What if they don’t understand the notes from my … Continue reading

Settling In

We made it Camp Humphreys and we are getting settled in, mostly.  Being without a car has been difficult.  We take taxis everywhere and walk when things are close enough.  We are in a house off-post, actually it is a three story apartment building, sometimes known as a villa.  It’s about one mile from the … Continue reading

See Ya, Seoul…We’re Headed South

We’ve been in Seoul for a little over two weeks. We’ve signed the boys up for school, found an apartment, signed up for our doctors, we are ready to live in Seoul.  However, the Army had other plans for us and they decided we aren’t going to live here.  They’ve decided to send us to … Continue reading

Sleepy in Seoul

We made it to Seoul! We’re staying at the Dragon Hill Lodge and it will be our home until we find a place to live permanently.  Colby slept very little on the flight, so he has been very tired and grumpy since he woke up at 4am this morning.  We’re gonna take our first day … Continue reading

Bringing Sexy Back After Breast Cancer…Maybe

Before breast cancer I was normal. I’d lost a good deal of weight, I was feeling good. Sometimes, I even felt sexy.  Then breast cancer came along. It changed everything. A double mastectomy left me with no nipples, a smaller chest, scars across my breasts and under them. The chemo actually caused me to gain … Continue reading

I Really Love My Facebook Friends

There are thousands of stories about how social media is turning us all into self-centered narcissists.  We are becoming more disconnected from each other. It’s a long, lonely road to internet hell and the hand basket has free wifi. Whatever, I say bull crap. I love social media. I feel more connected than ever. I’m … Continue reading