Holiday Survival Kit: 5 Things I Absolutely Need

It’s time for all the fun and crazy that comes with the holidays! Food, family, LOTS of driving, and so much more make this a super hectic time of the year. Sometimes, when I’m surrounded by the boys asking for a million things for Christmas, I wonder if I’ll ever survive.

This year I have decided that I can make it and make it awesome. I found a few things that I must have to get through New Years without losing my mind.

1. My MacBook is at the top of the list. There are so many reasons why I must have my computer: I can catch up on my favorite shows, the kids can watch shows, I can work from anywhere, social media is right at my fingertips, and so much more!

2. Purify and Refresh by Philosophy is a must have for my skin.  I adore Philosophy products and trust that they will leave my skin healthy and happy. I can look awake, even when I’ve been up all night binge watching Netflix.

3. Comfy cardigans are my go-to clothes this season.  No matter what I’m wearing, a big, comfy cardigan keeps me warm and hides the fact that I had to unbutton my pants due to the third helping of dressing.

4. Amazon Prime is the best thing to ever happen to me. I hate to shop in actual stores, but I LOVE to shop online. Amazon makes it so easy to find exactly what I need for everyone on my list and me! With my Prime account I can check out reviews and get two day shipping. I can also stream music, movies, and TV shows.

5. I have two kids and I am required to carry a lot of things. Somebody needs chapstick, a charger cord, a drink, a snack, markers, and first aid supplies. There is nothing worse than an ugly bag. Liebeskind is my favorite designer when it comes to bags. They are well made, come in amazing styles, and last for the long run.

What’s on your “must have” holiday survival list?


My Holiday Survival Kit



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